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TUNA cerámica is my artistic and ceramic dream coming true.

I’m a Mexican self-taught ceramic artist living in the Southwest of France.


Through my pieces I express my love for animals, the stars and mystical things, my culture, women empowerment, happy thoughts, glazes or shapes experimentation, always embracing the beauty of imperfection.


All my ceramics are handmade, I combine throwing and hand building techniques. My main goal is to share a bit of me in every piece I create and hopefully I manage to make people smile.

Why the name TUNA?

Tuna is the prickly pear fruit and to me is very representative of Mexico + my first dog is named Aceituna, a.k.a. Tuna = Winner combo!

+ It’s short and easy to say in Spanish (my language), French (where I live language) and  English (the internet’s language)

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